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Athletic Abdomen

The fat exceed, the tissue sagging or both together are frequent around the abdomen. This can be easily visible after pregnancy, after weight loose or just been genetic predisposition.

The procedure generally used to solve this is known as ABDOMINAL PLASTY or DERMOLIPECTOMY, however this procedure only helps the front of the abdomen.

Our mission is harmony and that parameter must include the entire abdominal circumference. It is common to see that with classical dermolipectomy people gets flat tummy but with flaccidity or fat both sides and behind the abdomen./p>

We call our novel procedure “Athletic Abdomen procedure” to emphasize succeed in what the patient is looking for. Have a waist circumference that looks as if work out, which also includes its around.

The Athletic abdomen procedure achieves a firm, flat front, sides without “life savers” in men and without fat in women, creating a rear abdomen in harmony with the rest of the body which demands (generally in women) the liposculpture of the supra gluteal fat.

The procedure
The procedure counts of: liposuction of different areas plus muscles and skin tensioning and removing skin excess.

This procedure last about 2 or 3 hours, under general anesthesia, requiring 2 hours post surgery recovery before the patient is ready to come back home.

It is advised partial rest during the first 10 days.

An elastic band must be used during the first 30 days.