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Breast Augmentation

The breast augmentation plasty procedure seeks to achieve an elegant, sensual mammary region, in harmony with the rest of the body. This technique looks for volume and turgor, and here it is highly relevant the surgeon refinement and sensitivity.

The breast defines essential characteristics in female body, that is why, in order to choose the best surgery to perform, we evaluate factors like age, skin quality, thorax shape and size, waistline size, patient height, biotype, shoulders width, musculature, coverage tissue thickness, hips wide, head size and also the breast characteristics.

Breast sensuality and elegance will depend on all the exposed parameters and not only on the bigger size. The success of breast surgery it is a nice cleavage as well as gracefulness, breast identifies by all the inherent features which are equally significant: shape, volume, height at the thorax and the body sourounding.

Treatment Description:

The surgery is based in the placement of an implant behind the pectoral muscle (as the case).

The breast implants are composed of a flexible silicone cover, filled with different materials as silicone gel or saline.

The cohesive silicone gel prosthesis is absolutely safe its aesthetic has no comparison and is more natural than any of the others.

Expected Results:

Dr. Luis Portas believe that respect of body harmony and elegance are essential when placing implants. While the patient, dressed, shows a discrete and elegant change, shirtless is a completely different woman.

The three parameters of breast beauty are: volume, shape and height in the thorax. Each breast is unique and that is the reason because of what enhance their appearance is a great challenge where technique and art must be thoughtful.

About the Surgery

When the implant placement is an isolated procedure it takes about one and a half hours counting since the anesthesia.

During the first 48 hours the patient could experiment some discomfort easily treatable with common analgesics. Physical exercises involving arms must be avoid for four weeks at list, although, it is possible to do desk work. In between 7 or 10 days the stitches will be removed. Following simple indications the scar will be imperceptible.

If the patient follows the indications eventual complications are significantly reduced. Currently, implants have no expiring date and may last a lifetime, however is recommended check them periodically.

Swiss Clinic provides a legitimacy accreditation of the implants. A factory certificate which list: brand, volume, type of implant, sterilization, serial number and other references.

There is no association with the use of implants and fertility or lactation alterations. So what guarantee by 40 years of experience all over the world and the increasing number of procedures to young women who breastfeed after surgery.