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Ears Corrective Surgery

The Otoplasty (correct the ears shape).

Allow to correct the ears position and shape, looking after the optimum proportion among ears, head, neck, face, back and body.

Grownups and children may be submitted to this surgery in order to improve their image, just by modifying a feature which has been uncomfortable in their lives.

The earlobe elongation as time goes on or the “protruding ears” are aging signs and they can be corrected.

By an incision behind the ear (near the crease with the skull) cartilage is molded to obtain a shapely pinna with the skull shape.

The procedure takes one or one and a half hour.

The after surgery recovery takes around 72 hours, can be slightly uncomfortable or painful, cause heat stress or pain sensation, but both can be relieved by common analgesics. Scars attenuate and become imperceptibles since they get confused with the pinna and skull fold skin.