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Intimate Surgery

Labia Majora and Mount Venus Plasty

It is possible to modify and repair labia majora, mont venus and hymen resulting in an anatomically proportional appearance with the rest of the body.

The size modification and the turgor of labia majora had done comfort and esteem to our patients.

The results are excellent since it is possible to achieve all the previously planned with the patient. This procedure gives a satisfaction high level to our patients.

It is smooth and short in time, generally 20 minutes. The post surgery is not painful and the patient may return to her activities after the first 48 hours. The scar is absolutely imperceptible.

Labia Minora Reduction (Labiaplasty)

The female body constitution or the parturition may cause the labia minora to protrude over the mayora, caused by its size, what can be uncomfortable when wearing tight clothes.

It may cause irritation or inflammation of the vulva and make difficult the first sexual intercourse.

The procedure takes about 40 minutes.

Relative rest is recommended. Should not be practiced exercise or have sex before 2 or 3 weeks. Scaring is excellent in the functional as well in the aesthetic.

Hymen Reconstruction

Anatomical recovery of the hymen state before sexual activity.

Because of religious or personal reasons some women want to regain their vulva anatomy.

This technique is based on the complete hymen reconstruction.

To carry out, the surgeon find the remaining residues and from them performs the re building.

The procedure takes 35 minutes. After 48 hours the patient may return to her routine.

The scarring is not visible.